PETITGIRARD, L.: Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man (Nice, 2002)

PETITGIRARD, L.: Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man (Nice, 2002)


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- (Disc 1)
Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man
Libretto/Text Author: Nonn, Eric

Doctor Treves: Rivenq, Nicolas
Elephant Man: Sykorova, Jana
Eva Lukes: Maurus, Elsa
The Coloratura: Leger, Magali
Tom Norman: Breault, Robert

Set/Stage Designer: Pineau, Frederic
Costume Designer: Pineau, Frederic
Lighting Designer: Meeus, Patrick
Stage Director: Mesguich, Daniel
Television Director: Curtis, Jean-David

Date of Production: 29-11-2002
Venue: Nice Opera House
Playing Time: 02:47:03
Catalogue Number: 2.220001
UPC: 0747313500161


Written in 1998, Petitgirard's opera differs from David Lynch's cult film in offering an entirely different perspective on the tale of Joseph Merrick, born in 1863 with horrific deformities, exhibited as a freak at the circus, taken in by Dr. Treves at the London Hospital and subsequently afforded celebrity status. Where the film is based largely on Dr. Treves' memoirs, the opera is based on biographies of Joseph Merrick giving his character a more central focus than in the film.

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