MOZART, W.A.: Idomeneo (Teatro di San Carlo, 2004)

MOZART, W.A.: Idomeneo (Teatro di San Carlo, 2004)


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Idomeneo, K. 366
Libretto/Text Author: Varesco, Giovanni Battista

Elettra: Tamar, Iano
Idomeneo: Streit, Kurt
Il Gran Sacerdote di Nettuno: Magnabosco, Dario
La voce dell'Oracolo: Vatchkov, Dejan

Set/Stage Designer: Pizzi, Pier Luigi
Costume Designer: Pizzi, Pier Luigi
Lighting Designer: Raponi, Vincenzo
Stage Director: Pizzi, Pier Luigi
Television Director: Mancini, Tiziano

Date of Production: 2004
Venue: Teatro di San Carlo, Naples
Playing Time: 02:46:00
Catalogue Number: 33463

Even though in recent years Idomeneo has been staged more frequently, this Mozart masterpiece can hardly be counted among the operas (the Da Ponte trilogy in primis) that made of the Salzburg composer one of the greatest operatic composers of all times. Yet Idomeneo was, in its day, a revolutionary work, animated by music that appears remarkably innovative and profoundly theatrical.

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