VERDI, G.: Corsaro (Il) (Teatro Regio di Parma, 2004)

VERDI, G.: Corsaro (Il) (Teatro Regio di Parma, 2004)


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Il corsaro

Date of Production: 06-2004
Festival: Verdi Festival
Venue: Teatro Regio, Parma
Playing Time: 01:47:00
Catalogue Number: 33468

Il Corsaro is still one of Verdi's less known and performed operas. Chronologically speaking, it belongs to the famous "years in the galley", even though it dates from a period (the autumn of 1848) when the composer's name, in Italy, could already be considered established. Although this is considered one of Verdi's minor works, there are many exciting and poignant passages in it, and the tight dramatic action makes for music that has a pressing and incisive rhythm. The renowned baritone Renato Bruson and conductor Renato Palumbo stand out in the cast and this recording makes the most of Lamberto Puggelli's beautiful sets.

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