STRAUSS, R.: Daphne (La Fenice, 2005)

STRAUSS, R.: Daphne (La Fenice, 2005)


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- (Disc 1)
Daphne, Op. 82, TrV 272
Libretto/Text Author: Gregor, Joseph

Dritter Schafer: Accolla, Giuseppe
Erster Schafer: Eberle, Dominik
Leukippos: Sacca, Roberto
Vierter Schafer: Pedrini, Emanuele
Zweiter Schafer: Ferrari, Stefano

Set/Stage Designer: Knight, Kevin
Costume Designer: Knight, Kevin
Lighting Designer: Jacques, David
Stage Director: Curran, Paul
Television Director: Mancini, Tiziano

Date of Production: 06-2005
Venue: Teatro La Fenice, Venice
Playing Time: 01:54:00
Catalogue Number: 33499


The creation of Daphne was not a simple affair, especially for what concerned the poetic text (due to the modest talent of the librettist Joseph Gregor), but on 15 October 1938 the opera was finally premiered at Dresden's Staatstheater. On the podium was the young conductor Karl Bohm. Daphne is a masterpiece of early 20th-century vocal music. Structured in a single act, this opera is a solid work with a rich musical vein. Strauss's orchestration appears, as always, remarkably refined. The vocal writing is demanding for all the main characters, but especially so for the protagonist, here interpreted by a magnificent June Anderson. Filmed in high definition at Venice's La Fenice, the present production is directed by Paul Curran.

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