ROSSINI, G.: Bianca e Falliero (Rossini Opera Festival, 2005)

ROSSINI, G.: Bianca e Falliero (Rossini Opera Festival, 2005)


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- (Disc 1)
Bianca e Falliero

Festival: Rossini Opera Festival
Venue: Teatro Rossini, Pesaro
Playing Time: 03:04:05
Catalogue Number: 33501
UPC: 8007144335014

At the apex of his career, Rossini accepted a commission from La Scala to produce a new title. The new opera entitled Bianca e Falliero would open the Carnival season on 26th December 1819. Reaping great success with audiences but received contrasting review, some of them outright negative, Bianca e Falliero is a story of Falliero, hero coming back after a successful battle only to find that his love, Bianca has been arranged to marry somebody else.

The present video is the first authorized video publication of an ROF productions. Among the many and unquestionable merits of this festival are its high-quality stagings, which are reference points in the history of the production of Rossini's operas. Bianca e Falliero returns, this time, in an intimate and iconic interpretation that stands poles apart from that of Pizzi, and is inspired by Venetian Renaissance paintings, with an explicit reference to the works of Veronese.

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