CAVALLI, F.: Didone (La) (Teatro Malibran, 2006)

CAVALLI, F.: Didone (La) (Teatro Malibran, 2006)


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- (Disc 1)

Venue: Teatro Malibran, Venice
Playing Time: 02:53:39
Catalogue Number: 33537
UPC: 8007144335373

After his successful debut in 1639 with Le nozze di Peleo e di Teti, Pier Francesco Cavalli for the first time sets about writing music for a story that is both tragic and heroic with an almost unwonted deployment of means and new expressive intent. Hiring Giovanni Francesco Busenello, a noble amateur as his lyricist, La Didone became one of the most tragic, tormented operas of the entire seventeenth century.

Cavalli satisfies the requirements of a mixed audience both by pampering to the visual attractions of the spectacle and by aiming for more impassioned pathos and expressivity than in his previous essays. He studies and enriches the work's language inserting dramatic substance and striving for a melodic conception that certainly recalls that of his "maestro" Monteverdi yet also steps beyond it.

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