VINCI, L.: Partenope (La) (Auditorio y Centro de Congresos Victor Villegas, 2011)

VINCI, L.: Partenope (La) (Auditorio y Centro de Congresos Victor Villegas, 2011)


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- (Disc 1)
La Rosmira fedele (Partenope)
Libretto/Text Author: Stampiglia, Silvio
Ensemble: Turchini, I

Partenope: Prina, Sonia

Set/Stage Designer: Cuerda, Ricardo Sanchez
Costume Designer: Ruiz, Jesus
Lighting Designer: Mojas, Rafael
Choreographer: Granados, Yolanda
Stage Director: Tambascio, Gustavo
Television Director: Scalfi, Marco

Venue: Auditorium V. Villegas, Murcia
Playing Time: 02:49:03
Catalogue Number: 33686
UPC: 8007144336868

Partenope with the maiden was one of the three sirens defeated by Ulysses, whose body washed ashore in the spot where Naples was founded. Or was she the Greek princess of the libretto. who founded a city that took her name and successfully defended it against the neighbouring Cumaeans? Set to music by a number of composers - such as Caldara, Hasse, Sarro, Handel and Vivaldi - the myth of Partenope was very popular and known in as many as sixteen different versions. Neapolitans, even today, call themselves "partenopei", "children of Parthenope". A rich and colourful production, entrusted to world-renowned specialists of the Baroque repertoire and with the added value of the some very comic intermezzi, as was customary in 18th-century music theatre.

Part 1

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