VERDI, G.: Don Carlo [Opera] (Teatro Regio di Parma, 2016)

VERDI, G.: Don Carlo [Opera] (Teatro Regio di Parma, 2016)


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Don Carlo
Libretto/Text Author: Du Locle, Camille
Libretto/Text Author: Mery, Joseph
Conductor: Oren, Daniel

A monk: Lim, Simon
A voice from Heaven: Bucciarelli, Marina
Don Carlo: Bros, Jose
Elisabeth de Valois: Farnocchia, Serena
Infante of Spain: Bros, Jose
Marquis of Posa: Stoyanov, Vladimir
Page to Elisabeth: Bini, Lavinia
Princess Eboli: Cornetti, Marianne
Royal herald: Bini, Lavinia
The Count of Lerma: Bini, Lavinia
The Great Inquisitor: Orlov, Ievgen
The King of Spain: Pertusi, Michele

Set/Stage Designer: Balo, Maurizio
Costume Designer: Balo, Maurizio
Lighting Designer: Borelli, Andrea
Stage Director: Lievi, Cesare

Venue: Teatro Regio, Parma
Playing Time: 03:02:34
Catalogue Number: 37776
UPC: 8007144377762


First performed in French at the Paris Opera in 1867, Don Carlo is in may ways an amazingly innovative work. The opera seems to underline Giuseppe Verdi's shift from the Manichean division between good and evil, which had been a clear, structural element of his dramaturgy up to that point in his career.

In this opera, Verdi assembles all his mainstay music theatre themes: power, with its honours and burdens; the contrasts of impossible love; the conflict between father and son; and an oppressed people demanding freedom.

Verdi radically revised the score in 1883, using an Italian libretto and reducing the opera from five acts to four. The popularity of Don Carlo has grown unremittingly ever since, with today's critics almost unanimously recognising it as one of Verdi's greatest masterpieces, an opera that continues to reveal new gems.

Daniel Oren if fully in control on the podium, ensuring unanimity between orchestra and singers. The maestro softens the dark tones of the score, which are well reflected in the visuals, choosing instead to emphasise the various changes of mood.

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