SHAKESPEARE, W.: Macbeth - The Tragic Pair (Documentary, 2007)

SHAKESPEARE, W.: Macbeth - The Tragic Pair (Documentary, 2007)


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Macbeth - The Tragic Pair

Narrator: Taylor, Gary

Playing Time: 00:35:11
Catalogue Number: B407DVD
UPC: 709629004078

This program is an enormously valuable historical, literary and dramatic analysis of the essence of Macbeth showing how the significant parts of the drama tie together with scenes from the play.

Hosts, Rebecca Flynn and Gary Taylor introduce Macbeth The Tragic Pair using the stunning backdrop of the Scottish Highlands to lift the veil covering the language, plot, themes, geographical and historical background to The Tragedy of Macbeth, first published in 1623.

Macbeth is the shortest and most compressed in language, action and character development of the Shakespeare tragedies. At a heath near Forres, 3 Weird Sisters (witches) meet with the King of Scotland (Duncan) and his General Macbeth, hailing Macbeth with a triple prophecy that ends with a promise that Macbeth with be king. After events occur supporting these prophecies, the ambitious Macbeth and Lady Macbeth work together to murder the King in their castle (Inverness). In time, the Tragic Pair are haunted by guilt, paranoia and isolation with Lady Macbeth taking her own life and Macbeth fighting to the last, even though he realizes the three witches had issued false and misleading prophecies. Both die and Scotland returns to normalcy with Duncans son, Malcolm crowned at Scone, Scotland.

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