WAGNER, R.: Genius in Exile (A) (Documentary, 2013)

WAGNER, R.: Genius in Exile (A) (Documentary, 2013)


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- (Disc 1)

Wagner, Richard - Composer
Wagner - A Genius in Exile
Sommer, Andy - Television Director

Playing Time: 02:12:48
Catalogue Number: BAC096
UPC: 3760115300965

In this biographical and musical road movie by Andy Sommer, Antoine Wagner, a young photographer living in New York, heads to Switzerland on the trail of his great-great-greand father, the renowned composer Richard Wagner.

Wagner spent several years in Switzerland - first as a political exile then as an artist who had become famous. Antoine Wagner returns to the sites where his ancestor had lived, meeting historians, musicologists, musicians and enlightened amateurs. He also sets off on a mountaineering expedition in contact with a grandiose, violent Nature, exploring those landscapes that Wagner so admired and which were a profound source of inspiration for him.

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