TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Sleeping Beauty (The) (Staatsballett Berlin, 2015)


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- (Disc 1)
The Sleeping Beauty, Op. 66
Ballet Company: Staatsballett Berlin
Choreographer: Duato, Nacho

King Florestan: Banzhaf, Michael
Lilac Fairy: Mestrovic, Sarah
Prince Desire: Walter, Marian
Princess Aurora: Salenko, Iana
The Queen: Knop, Beatrice

Corps de Ballet: Staatsballett Berlin
Conductor: Reimer, Robert
Television Director: Sommer, Andy
Lighting Designer: Fields, Brad
Set/Stage Designer: Atlagic, Angelina
Costume Designer: Atlagic, Angelina

Venue: Deutsche Oper Berlin
Playing Time: 01:59:50
Catalogue Number: BAC131
UPC: 3760115301313

When she is finally released from an evil spell by the kiss of a young prince, the Sleeping Beauty awakes and is - despite of a hundred years of sleep - as beautiful as a young woman. The love of the prince is simply stronger than the curse that rests on the haunted princess.

The artistic director of the Staatsballett Berlin, Nacho Duato, has brought new life to this beloved classic, which itself is over a hundred years old and for which Tchaikovsky has composed the unforgettable music. This production demonstrates that Nacho Duato can also tackle classical ballets with dance en pointe with great success. Nothing in this production is old and dusty, rather the entire choreography looks fresh and is bursting with vitality and brings an air of spring to the stage.

Likewise, the costumes by Angelina Atlagic deserve admiration as they sparkle on stage like spring buds in morning dew. The stage design, also designed by Atlagic, offers as refined setting for the ballet fairy tale. The decor of this production is highly imaginative, colourful, elegant and stylish.

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