PROKOFIEV, S.: Cinderella (Zurich Ballet, 2003)

PROKOFIEV, S.: Cinderella (Zurich Ballet, 2003)


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- (Disc 1)
Cinderella, Op. 87
Choreographer: Spoerli, Heinz

Cinderella: Seneca, Karine
Stepsister: Blanc, Nicolas
Stepsister: Petit, Francois
The Godmother: Castel, Marine
The Stepmother: Varga, Jozef

Television Director: Sommer, Andy
Lighting Designer: Cremer, Robertus
Set/Stage Designer: Engels, Johan
Costume Designer: Engels, Johan

Date of Concert: 2003
Venue: Opernhaus Zurich
Playing Time: 01:45:51
Catalogue Number: BAC202
UPC: 3760115302020

Once upon a time was a former prima ballerina called Cinderella. After her mother's death she became a servant in the dance company of her stepmother and her two stepsisters. The invitation to a charity gala performance, which the celebrated solo dancer Frédéric will attend, looking for an equally gifted new partner, is going to change her lifeEUR

Heinz Spoerli has the great idea to turn Cinderella into a poor and wretched corps de ballet girl in a provincial company, exploited and humiliated by the wicked ballet mistress who favors her own two daughters - with the Good Fairy as a haggard rehearsal pianist. The stepmother and both stepsisters are played in drag. The stepmother, jealous of seeing Cinderella capturing the attention of the dancing master as she excels at the barre more than her stepsisters, frequently stops Cinderella from dancing.

This is the plot of Heinz Spoerli's Zurich Ballet Cinderella production filmed by Andy Sommer as a musical from Hollywood, which turned out to be a big success at its premiere and must rank as one of the danciest stagings Prokofiev's popular ballet has ever received.

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