COSMOS GLOBAL: Ecuador (Galapagos)

COSMOS GLOBAL: Ecuador (Galapagos)


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Cosmos Global: Galapagos
Proll, Eric - Producer

Catalogue Number: CDG-DVD-110
UPC: 883629300467

Modern residential buildings dominate the townscape of Quito, the capital of Ecuador, which was founded in Spanish colonial times. Quito is the starting point for most journeys through this fascinating country that is situated on the Equator and which offers both cultural and natural attractions and, most especially, the Galapagos Islands.

The journey to the fascinating animal kingdom of the Galapagos Islands begins in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, the largest settlement on the island, which also has the largest fishing harbor of the entire archipelago.

The rolling movement of the Poseidon, the expedition's diving boat, provides a hint of the adventures that lie ahead.

The remarkable biodiversity of the islands is also evident in the various species of birdlife that are to be found there. As opposed to the reptiles that are endemic, around 50 percent of the world's bird species inhabit the archipelago.

The flame-red Sally Lightfoot crab that is to be found on most of the rocky coastline is particularly easy to spot on the dark volcanic rocks of the islands.

The Humboldt Current travels from Antarctica and past the South American coast, then mixes with the water that surges up from the depths of the ocean, providing the archipelago with nutrient-rich water that attracts huge shoals of fish.

The most famous visitor to the islands arrived in 1835, and today the name of scientist Charles Darwin is inseparably associated with the archipelago. Following his stay on the island, he formulated his landmark theories of evolution and natural selection.

The 50 islands of the archipelago are one of the great wonders of nature and fortunately have retained their natural beauty right up to the present day.

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