COSMOS GLOBAL: Finland (Great Cathedrals of the World)

COSMOS GLOBAL: Finland (Great Cathedrals of the World)


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Cosmos Global: Great Cathedrals of the World
Ullman, Frank - Television Director

Catalogue Number: CDG-DVD-130
UPC: 883629300436

Cathedrals are an important part of the religious world, great works of art that unite cultural history and architecture in a remarkable way.

The Stephansdom in Vienna is one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals in the world and is also one of the most cherished buildings in Austria. The Gothic splendor of the cathedral is on show for all to see and its architectural and artistic treasures, that date back to the Middle Ages, are a priceless heritage for future generations.

Situated in the small Finnish town of Kerimäki, the Kerimaen Kirkko proudly rises into the sky as if to highlight its special significance. The inhabitants of Kerimäki, which is close to the fascinating lake district of the Savonlinna region, wanted to have a church that was a little different: 40 meters long and 42 meters wide, Kerimäki Church is the largest timber built Christian church in the world.

Seville Cathedral, the Catedral De Santa Mariá De La Sede, is the most important church in the Andalusian metropolis. This magnificent building is the largest Gothic cathedral and also the third largest Christian church in the world. It replaced the former Islamic Seville Mosque that was built by the Almohades in 1198.

Throughout the ages, these fascinating cathedrals have focused the minds of the faithful and have each, in their own way, become immortal.

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