COSMOS GLOBAL: Monumental Treasures of the World, Episode 3

COSMOS GLOBAL: Monumental Treasures of the World, Episode 3


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Cosmos Global: Monumental Treasures of the World, Episode 3
Ullman, Frank - Television Director

Catalogue Number: CDG-DVD-135
UPC: 883629301006

Various Locations In Italy, China, Thailand, France, India and Nepal

The Colosseum of Rome is the most monumental and impressive amphitheatre in the world. It is thought that its construction began in 72 AD by command of Emperor Vespasianus. Here, the Romans' desire for outrageous performance and violent entertainment was fully satisfied. In turn, the Emperor's popularity grew with these public exhibitions. Sadly, after the fall of the Roman Empire this gigantic complex fell into disrepair.

Close to Badaling, the Great Wall Of China extends majestically across misty mountains. It is the largest man-made structure in the world. It is believed that the original sections of the Great Wall were built in 888 BC. At that time, the wall consisted of compressed clay and various palisades. The wall was erected in order to protect the country from invasion from the North. The Great Wall of China is a wonder of the world within the "Middle Empire" that continues to fascinate all those who see it.

Most sightseers travel by boat to see the fascinating Wat Arun Temple that is located close to the shore of the Chao Phraya, in the historic heart of Bangkok. The 74-metre-high prang is the main and most visible element of the temple complex and is one of Bangkok's major landmarks. In the 19th century, King Rama II was responsible for the extension of the originally much smaller and more modest temple tower.

With its historic buildings, the 80-metre-high granite mound of Mont-Saint-Michel in France's Brittany is like something from a fairy tale. This spectacular building unites sea, earth and sky, and powerful fortifications surround the small town and the abbey at the top of the rock, remnants of Mont-Saint-Michel's dramatic past.

Kathmandu is a metropolis in the heart of the kingdom of Nepal. A land of snow-white mountains and home of the gods, it is a melting pot of races and religions that is located between China and India. A magical, mystical, Shangri-La, it was only a few decades ago that ancient Nepal opened up its borders. Until then, due to the command of the ruling Gurkha Dynasty, the "Home of the Divine" was totally cut off from the outside world.

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