AUERBACH, L.: Little Mermaid (The) (San Francisco Ballet, 2011)

AUERBACH, L.: Little Mermaid (The) (San Francisco Ballet, 2011)


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- (Disc 1)
The Little Mermaid (Hamburg version)
Ballet Company: San Francisco Ballet
Choreographer: Neumeier, John

The Little Mermaid: Tan, Yuan Yuan
The Prince: Helimets, Tiit
The Princess: Patten, Sarah Van
The Sea Witch: Karapetyan, Davit

Corps de Ballet: San Francisco Ballet
Conductor: West, Martin
Television Director: Grimm, Thomas
Lighting Designer: Neumeier, John
Set/Stage Designer: Neumeier, John
Costume Designer: Neumeier, John

Date of Concert: 2011
Venue: War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco
Playing Time: 01:59:27
Catalogue Number: CM9659

In The Little Mermaid, Hamburg Ballet Director and Chief Choreographer John Neumeier blends dance, dramatic storytelling and spectacle into a stunning interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen's fable. With choreography, sets and costumes all by Neumeier, this ballet - as much theatre as it is dance - reveals the psychological transformation and the resilience of the spirit, human or otherwise.

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