ROSSINI, G.: Tancredi (Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, 2005)

ROSSINI, G.: Tancredi (Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, 2005)


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Libretto/Text Author: Rossi, Gaetano
Libretto Source: Voltaire

Orbazzano: Spotti, Marco

Set/Stage Designer: Pizzi, Pier Luigi
Costume Designer: Pizzi, Pier Luigi
Lighting Designer: Rossi, Sergio
Stage Director: Pizzi, Pier Luigi
Television Producer: Vitellozzi, Erica
Television Director: Bevilacqua, Andrea

Date of Production: 21-10-2005
Venue: Teatro Comunale, Florence
Playing Time: 02:35:15
Catalogue Number: DVWW-OPTANC
UPC: 824121002091

Originally created for the Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro 1999, this staging by Pier Luigi Pizzi was subsequently revived in Pesaro before travelling on to Rome and – due to its ongoing success – to the renowned Maggio Musicale Florence.

The opera – a tragic story of love against all political odds in medieval Sicily - includes the popular "Di tanti palpiti" (After such beating of the heart), sung by the Norman knight Tancredi of the title when he secretly lands again in Syracuse after having been exiled. Because he is in love with the daughter of the current ruler, his arrival has repercussions amongst the leading families that finally lead to his death.

Pier Luigi Pizzi’s severe classical imagery plays on the contrast of black and white of the factions in Syracuse against the red that characterizes the returning hero. Visually, it is overwhelmingly architectural – a mixture of columns, reliefs and an altar – and even nature is used for geometric and symbolic effect when, at the sound of the music of Tancredi’s homecoming, the magically limpid introduction to "Oh patria! dolce e ingrata patria", a solitary olive tree appears in silhouette. The similar textural clarity of the revelatory scene of Tancredi's death, with its major-key close, inspires a correspondingly sombre tableau.

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