WALDBUHNE IN BERLIN 2006 - Scheherazade (Jarvi)

WALDBUHNE IN BERLIN 2006 - Scheherazade (Jarvi)


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- (Disc 1)
Conductor: Jarvi, Neeme

Nielsen, Carl - Composer
Grieg, Edvard - Composer
Massenet, Jules - Composer
Fucik, Julius - Composer
Lincke, Paul - Composer

Venue: Waldbuhne, Berlin
Date of Concert: 18-06-2006
Playing Time: 01:52:00
Television Director: Morell, Andreas
Producer: Smaczny, Paul
Catalogue Number: EUROARTS5531
UPC: 880242553188

The Waldbühne in Berlin, one of the most appealing outdoor amphitheatres in Europe, is the home of the Berlin Philharmonic's annual summer concert. With over 22,000 in attendance, these are some of the most popular classical music concerts in the world.

On this recording, Estonian conductor Neeme Järvi takes the audience on a trip through A Thousand and One Nights. Works by Grieg, Rimsky-Korsakov, Nielsen, Saint-Saëns and Massenet explore Arabian images in music. High-ranking soloists like rising star Dutch violinist Janine Jansen join the outstanding orchestra. Neeme Järvi can be counted as one of the world's leading musical personalities, having conducted more than 350 CD productions. Recorded live at the Waldbühne Berlin in 2006, Sheherazade offers a sensational concert to all those who want to relive the atmosphere of a this relaxed and high-quality open-air event.

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