MAAZEL, L.: Ring Without Words (The) (Berlin Philharmonic, Maazel)

MAAZEL, L.: Ring Without Words (The) (Berlin Philharmonic, Maazel)


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- (Disc 1)
Conductor: Maazel, Lorin

Maazel, Lorin - Composer
The Ring Without Words (after Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen)

Venue: Philharmonie, Berlin
Date of Concert: 10-2000
Playing Time: 01:20:20
Television Director: Cavassilas, Pierre
Catalogue Number: EUROARTS5760

Strongly influenced by the comments of Richard Wagner's grandson, Wieland, about the importance of the orchestra in the Ring, Lorin Maazel eventually agreed to produce a symphonic synthesis of the tetralogy, which he called The Ring Without Words. It is a seventy-five-minute orchestral distillation that is designed with the express purpose of bringing the magic of these monumentals music dramas to a new audience of musically sensitive listeners through the sumptuous playing that he draws from the Berlin Philharmonic.

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