SCIARRINO, S.: Luci mie traditrici (Montepulciano, 2010)

SCIARRINO, S.: Luci mie traditrici (Montepulciano, 2010)


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Luci mie traditrici
Libretto/Text Author: Sciarrino, Salvatore
Conductor: Angius, Marco

Il Malaspina: Miedl, Christian
La Malaspina: Miedl, Christian
Un Servo: Bode, Simon

Set/Stage Designer: Lintl, Alexander
Set/Stage Designer: Milani, Mauro
Costume Designer: Lintl, Alexander
Lighting Designer: Trabalzini, Gianni
Stage Director: Pade, Christian
Television Director: Matcovich, Giancarlo

Date of Production: 2010
Festival: Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte di Montepulciano
Venue: Teatro Poliziano, Montepulciano
Playing Time: 01:42:01
Catalogue Number: EUROARTS5903

Salvatore Sciarrino stands at the forefront of Italy's musical avant-garde. His chamber opera Luci mie traditrici was inspired by the murders by the Renaissance nobleman and composer Carlo Gesualdo of his wife and her lover. This production of the opera was first performed at the Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte di Montepulciano in July 2010. It has been recognised as the finest production of this work presented to date. The composer himself has stated that it is the reference point for the opera's performance.

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