DELIBES, L.: Coppelia (Victor Ullate Ballet, 2013)

DELIBES, L.: Coppelia (Victor Ullate Ballet, 2013)


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- (Disc 1)

Venue: Royal Opera, Versailles
Playing Time: 01:27:45
Catalogue Number: EUROARTS5972
UPC: 880242597281

The Victor Ullate Ballet brings to its repertoire a new version of this important, internationally performed classic. Choreographer and artistic director Eduardo Lau emphasizes the comic spirit of Coppelia while keeping the original score written by Leo Delibes in 1870. This interpretation of Coppelia is set in a cybernetic laboratory specialised in artificial intelligence, where Doctor Coppelia is attempting to create a female android that moves and acts like a human.

Part 1

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