SCHRODER, Mario: Chaplin (Ballet) (Leipzig Ballet, 2013)

SCHRODER, Mario: Chaplin (Ballet) (Leipzig Ballet, 2013)


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- (Disc 1)

Venue: Leipzig Opera
Playing Time: 01:39:00
Catalogue Number: EUROARTS5982
UPC: 880242598288

The little guy with his mustache, his bowler hat and his bamboo cane is world-famous. But, who is the man behind this figure? Mario Schroder wondered the same thing when choreographing Chaplin. His rise to fame makes Chaplin a person of public interest. The clown becomes political. America's conservatives are, however, suspicious of Chaplin's convictions. Suspected of communism, he is eventually expelled. The ballet describes Chaplin's life in relation to his creative work and shows that an artist who observes his environment both sensitively and consciously is behind the funny Tramp.

Part 1

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