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- (Disc 1)

Jupiter's Dance
Barret, Renaud - Television Director
Tullaye, Florent de la - Television Director

Year of Production: 2006
Playing Time: 01:13:32
Catalogue Number: EUROARTS7738

The ghettos of Kinshasa - the devastated capital of a country politically and economically adrift - are filled with many gifted, yet impoverished musicians. Their outstanding talent, humour and vital energy are their on means of survival. Amongst them, Jupiter Bokondji, the charismatic leader of the band "Okwess International," acts as our narrator and guide. This local Don Quixote introduces us to the Kinshasa music scene - teenage rappers, handicapped bluesmen, street children, griots ans guitar craftsmen - and describe his 20-year struggle to bring his music out of the ghetto.

Part 1

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