HENRY, P.: Art of the Sounds (The)

HENRY, P.: Art of the Sounds (The)


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- (Disc 1)

The Art of the Sounds
Darmon, Eric - Television Director
Mallet, Franck - Television Director

Narrator: Henry, Pierre

Playing Time: 01:47:53
Catalogue Number: EUROARTS7773

In the fifties, Pierre Henry provoked a scandal by inventing Musique concrete with Pierre Schaeffer. Music was no longer written with notes on a score for instrumentalists but was based on sounds and noises from our environment, collected, edited and transformed by machines. A radical innovator, he composed several "hits" that mark their time: Symphonie pour un homme seul, Messe pour le temps present and Dixieme Remix among others.

Today, young musicians from all over the world and, strangely enough, electronic buff DJs claim to be followers of his fabulous work in fashioning sound. In Pierre Henry: The Art of Sounds, we follow him as he brandishes his boom on which two microphones are mounted in search of a sound in the Coulee Verte, in Paris. As the journey unfolds we are brought fourty years back to Bordeaux where people are leaving the "concert couche" ("lying down concert") with reactions from the audience.

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