MENUHIN, Yehudi: Concert Magic

MENUHIN, Yehudi: Concert Magic


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Chopin, Fryderyk - Composer
Liszt, Franz - Composer
Paganini, Nicolo - Composer
Schubert, Franz - Composer
Novacek, Ottokar - Composer

Venue: Charlie Chaplin Studios, Hollywood
Date of Concert: 1947
Playing Time: 02:01:00
Television Director: Gordon, Paul
Producer: Gordon, Paul
Documentary Title: The Story Behind "Concert Magic"
Catalogue Number: EuroArts5415
UPC: 0880242541581

This concert features virtuoso violinist Yehudi Menuhin (1916–1999) at the Charlie Chaplin Studios in 1947. Together with various artists he performed classical and romantic works of famous composers such as Beethoven, Wieniawski, Bach, Paganini and others. Yehudi Menuhin in Concert Magic is the very first concert film produced by and for Hollywood. This concert was premiered at the Stage Door Cinema in San Francisco for movie audiences. Yehudi Menuhin was at the age of 32 and was at the pinnacle of his fame.

Bonus features:

- The Story behind "Concert Magic" - Yehudi Menuhin in conversation with Humphrey Burton

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