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- (Disc 1)

Masson, Askell - Composer
Vivaldi, Antonio - Composer

Venue: Grand Theatre de la ville de Luxembourg
Date of Concert: 17-09-2004
Playing Time: 01:08:45
Television Director: Meth, Agnes
Catalogue Number: EuroArts5439
UPC: 0880242543981

Evelyn Glennie is the world's most in-demand percussion soloist, dazzling audiences worldwide with her musicality, creativity and charismatic energy. She was the first percussionist ever to sustain a full-time solo career on her instruments – an accomplishment even more astonishing as her hearing is significantly impaired leaving her to rely more on vibrations rather than acoustics. The phenomenally talented musician gives more than 100 critically acclaimed performances a year and has commissioned over 100 works for solo percussion. Evelyn Glennie regularly collaborates with leading musicians working in various musical styles and has recorded 20 albums, two of which have won Grammy Awards. In this video, recorded live at the Grand Theatre de la Ville de Luxembourg in 2004, she presents some of her greatest hits in a show of thrilling music and light design, playing snare drum, marimba and vibraphone. The various surprising sounds she creates and her lively performance are wonderfully captured on this state-of-the-art recording. This video also includes the bonus track Encountering Evelyn Glennie with a portrait of the artist.

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