GLOBAL TREASURES: Thailand (Wat Arun)

GLOBAL TREASURES: Thailand (Wat Arun)


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Global Treasures: Wat Arun
Ullman, Frank - Television Director

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Global Treasures - History's Most Protected Monuments - Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live today, and what we pass on to future generations. Our cultural and natural heritage are both irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration. Places as unique and diverse as the wilds of East Africa's Serengeti, the Pyramids of Egypt, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Baroque cathedrals of Latin America make up our world's heritage. Join us as we explore one of these protected monuments.

Most sightseers travel by boat to see the fascinating Wat Arun Temple that is located close to the shore of the Chao Phraya River in the historic heart of Bangkok.

According to legend, Wat Arun, "The Temple of the Dawn," existed long before the founding of Bangkok. King Taksin, who reigned in the 17th century AD, chose this sanctuary as his royal temple and also gave it its present name.

The journey up to the higher sections of the sanctuary travels past several splendid images, including various mythological and religious figures such as the moon god, Soma. Over the years, the temple was further extended and decorated, and the central "prang" of the building complex grew taller and taller. It symbolizes Mount Meru, the Holy Mountain, upon which the earth rests.

The Hindu god Indra, that rides on the three-headed elephant, Erawan, was also included in the impressive temple complex of Wat Arun. The main tower and magnificent décor of the buildings are one of the most famous sights in Thonburi, the historical area of Bangkok.

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