PIANO DEL MAESTRO ALONSO (EL) (Classical Documentary)

PIANO DEL MAESTRO ALONSO (EL) (Classical Documentary)


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El Piano del Maestro Alonso (Classical Documentary)

Playing Time: 01:04:27
Catalogue Number: IM002

In 2017 Iberian and Klavier launch their third album, El Piano del Maestro Alonso, a project to reclaim a musical heritage, dedicated to the unpublished works for piano and 4-hand piano by the famous Granada composer.

The CD album will be presented in two exceptional venues, at
the Palace of Charles V in the Alhambra in Granada, Spain and at the Lago di Como International Music Festival. Concerts in Spain, USA, Canada and Europe will be the stage for this project, which is accompanied by a documentary in which Laura and Manuel trace the young composer's steps in Granada.

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