STERN, Mike: Live in Paris, 2004

STERN, Mike: Live in Paris, 2004


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Stern, Mike - Guitar

Venue: New Morning, Paris
Date of Concert: 11-2004

Mike Stern: Live in Paris, 2004

Catalogue Number: INAK6456
UPC: 707787645676

"Put your heart and soul into your music and maybe you'll catch one person out front," Miles Davis remarked to guitarist Mike Stern in the early eighties, during their collaboration. "Catching one person will always be enough for me," Mike replied - even if it's now by the thousands, night after night, that he mesmerizes his audiences worldwide. What a revelation, after his brilliant romps with Bob Berg, the Brecker Brother, Jaco Pastorius, Joe Henderson and so many others, to find three-time Grammy nominee Stern side by side with super bassist-singer Richard Bona at the New Morning in 2004. It was written in the stars that Mike's fiery guitar and Richard's singing bass should meet. Supported rhythmically and melodically by legendary drummer Dennis Chamber and brilliant tenor saxophonist Bob Franceschini, the Mike Stern Band brings forth stirring lyricism that will sound irresistible to music lovers everywhere.

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