PROKOFIEV, S.: Semyon Kotko [Opera] (Mariinsky Concert Hall, 2013)

PROKOFIEV, S.: Semyon Kotko [Opera] (Mariinsky Concert Hall, 2013)


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- (Disc 1)
Semyon Kotko, Op. 81

Venue: Mariinsky Concert Hall, St. Peterbusg
Playing Time: 02:28:01
Catalogue Number: MAR0592
UPC: 822231859222

Marking the 125th Anniversary of his birth, Prokofiev's Semyon Kotko is given an outstanding performance here by a fine cast, conducted by Valery Gergiev, who is widely regarded as one of the Prokofiev's greatest interpreters.

Set during 1918, in a Post-Bolshevik-Revolution climate, Semyon Kotko is a story of love, war and resistance although lesser-known than Prokofiev's other operas, such as War and Peace and Betrothal in a Monastery, Semyon Kotko is nevertheless a raw, thrilling, and utterly engrossing work.

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