LIVING LEGEND: The King of Rock and Roll

LIVING LEGEND: The King of Rock and Roll


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- (Disc 1)

Living Legend: The King of Rock and Roll
Keeter, Worth - Television Director

Eli Canfield: Owensby, Earl

Year of Production: 1980
Playing Time: 01:36:36
Catalogue Number: MVD5092D
UPC: 760137509295

Living Legend presents the story of Eli Canfield (Earl Owensby), a country-rock legend who has fallen victim to the pitfalls of superstardom - a failed marriage, addiction, living up to an image, and an unclear vision as to who his true friends are. When Eli's new love interest (Ginger Alden) meets with the disapproval of his unscrupulous and manipulative manager (William T. Hicks), tragedy results, and Eli realizes what he must do to not only save his new relationship but also his life; and he does so in a dramatic way.

Part 1

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