ROSSINI, G.: Comte Ory (Le) [Opera] (Malmo Opera, 2015)

ROSSINI, G.: Comte Ory (Le) [Opera] (Malmo Opera, 2015)


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- (Disc 1)
Le Comte Ory
Libretto/Text Author: Scribe, Eugene

A Farmer/Peasant: Samuelsson, Jonas
A messenger: Forsell, Edwin
Countess Adele: Miklosa, Erika
Knight: Roos, Eric
Raimbaud: Bakan, Igor
Tutor of County Ory: Arvidson, Lars

Costume Designer: Betz, Karin
Lighting Designer: Sylvest, Mikael
Choreographer: Ruiz, Nathalie
Stage Director: Betz, Karin
Stage Director: Mallik, Linda
Television Director: Granqvist, Anders

Date of Production: 2018
Venue: Malmo Opera
Playing Time: 02:21:52
Catalogue Number: NBD0062V
UPC: 730099006262

Gioachino Rossini was summoned to Paris in 1824 to breathe new life into its opera culture, and one of his most exciting innovations in this period was the creation of an entirely new genre of opera comedy. The risque tale of Le Comte Ory had its origins in vaudeville theatre and is based on the story of a villainous count who attempts the seduction of Countess Adele as she awaits the return of her husband from the Crusades. Le Comte Ory is the last of Rossini's comic operas, making full use of the libretto's farcical disguises and humour in one of his most colourfully orchestrated scores.

Part 1

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