MILSTEIN, Nathan: Master of Invention, Part 2

MILSTEIN, Nathan: Master of Invention, Part 2


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Master of Invention, Part 2
Nupen, Christopher - Television Director

Year of Production: 2007
Playing Time: 00:59:43
Catalogue Number: NUPEN011

This Christopher Nupen film belongs to a long line of memorable portraits of the great performers. It is the product of a close friendship between a dedicated filmmaker and one of the finest violinists of the twentieth century, and it contains the only portrait film ever made with Nathan Milstein. It was shot in the autumn of the longest career in the history of solo violin playing; seventy-three years lay between MilsteinEUR(TM)s first appearance with Glazunov conducting and his last recital in the Berwaldhallen in Stockholm in 1986. That legendary recital provides most of the music for this film. Milstein's partner was the French pianist Georges Pludermacher, with whom he had worked for more than twenty years.

Nathan Milstein was an astonishing eighty-two years old at the time of the recital, yet he still played as the grandest of grand masters, and as surely no other violinist has ever played at that age. This film will be of interest to virtually every student of the violin.

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