WAGNER, R.: Siegfried (DNO, 1999)

WAGNER, R.: Siegfried (DNO, 1999)


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- (Disc 1)
Libretto/Text Author: Wagner, Richard

Alberich: Smit, Henk
Der Wanderer (Wotan): Brocheler, John
Siegfried: Kruse, Heinz

Set/Stage Designer: Tsypin, George
Costume Designer: Ishioka, Eiko
Lighting Designer: Gobbel, Wolfgang
Stage Director: Audi, Pierre
DVD Producer: Damme, Ferenc van
Television Director: Vermeiren, Misjel

Date of Production: 1999
Venue: Het Muziektheater, Amsterdam
Playing Time: 04:34:10
Catalogue Number: OA0948D
UPC: 809478009481



In the third part of the epic cycle, Der Ring des Nibelungen, Siegfried pursues his path to manhood. As parental love dissipates and is replaced by romantic love and desire, Wagner reflects on the experience of human life and the fact of mortality. This remarkable production of The Ring, from Het Muziektheater Amsterdam, in which Pierre Audi places the orchestra on the symbolically ring-shaped stage, blends the lyrical, mythical and philosophical qualities of Wagner's work into a profound unity. Astonishing sets by George Tsypin and fabulous costumes by Oscar-winning Eiko Ishioka, combined with passionate singing from the soloists and dramatic playing from the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra under the rigorous control of Hartmut Haenchen, create an intense and highly memorable experience. This production of The Ring of the Nibelung is based on the new Complete Edition of the works of Richard Wagner.

Bonus features:

- Illustrated Synopsis

- Introduction to Siegfried- with presenter Michael Zeeman, composer Peter-Jan Wagemans and pianist Stefan Mickisch

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