VERDI, G.: Aida (La Monnaie - De Munt, 2004)

VERDI, G.: Aida (La Monnaie - De Munt, 2004)


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Date of Production: 15-10-2004
Venue: Theatre Royal de la Monnaie - De Munt
Playing Time: 02:33:29
Catalogue Number: OA0954D
UPC: 809478009542



Cult director Robert Wilson's highly stylised and intensely dramatic staging brings a Zen-like tranquility to Verdi's great opera concerning the conflict between individual aspiration, tradition and duty. His visually calm, yet emotionally taut, direction is emphasised by outstanding performances from the cast and the Symphony Orchestra and Choir of La Monnaie-De Munt under the commanding and inspired musical direction of Kazushi Ono. Recorded live at the Royal Opera House, La Monnaie-De Munt in Brussels, this riveting and painstakingly beautiful production, reminiscent at times of Japanese Noh theatre, offers a new and thought-provoking experience of a masterpiece.

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