PROKOFIEV, S.: Amour des 3 Oranges (L') (DNO, 2005)

PROKOFIEV, S.: Amour des 3 Oranges (L') (DNO, 2005)


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- (Disc 1)
L'amour des 3 Oranges (The Love for 3 Oranges), Op. 33
Libretto/Text Author: Prokofiev, Sergey
Libretto Source: Gozzi, Carlo

Fata Morgana: Shafajinskaja, Anna
La Cuisiniere: Angas, Richard
La Princesse Clarice: Petrinsky, Natascha
Le Roi de Trefle: Vernhes, Alain
Maitre de ceremonies: Khomov, Serghei
Pantalon: Boone, Marcel
Trouffaldino: Khomov, Serghei

Set/Stage Designer: Thomas, Chantal
Costume Designer: Pelly, Laurent
Lighting Designer: Adam, Joel
Choreographer: Scozzi, Laura
Stage Director: Pelly, Laurent
DVD Producer: Damme, Ferenc van
Television Director: Vermeiren, Misjel

Date of Production: 2005
Venue: Het Muziektheater, Amsterdam
Playing Time: 02:25:09
Catalogue Number: OA0957D
UPC: 809478009573


Prokofiev's enchantingly surreal commedia dell'arte masterwork is turned into a spectacular triumph of total theatre in this vital production from the Amsterdam Muziektheater. De Nederlandse Opera has chosen to use the more flexible French libretto of the 1921 premiere, a pertinent choice which has the advantage of accentuating the aesthetic common ground shared by Prokofiev and Les Six.

Stephane Deneve's brilliant musical direction inspires outstanding performances from the soloists and the superb Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, enhanced by the smart, blockbusting staging of Laurent Pelly and the exquisite sets of Chantal Thomas, which propel this feverish fable to great heights.

Bonus features:

- Illustrated Synopsis

- Introduction to L'amour des 3 Oranges - including interviews with main members of the cast and the artistic team

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