MUSSORGSKY, M.P.: Khovanshchina (Liceu, 2007)

MUSSORGSKY, M.P.: Khovanshchina (Liceu, 2007)


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- (Disc 1)
Khovanshchina (completed by Shostakovich)
Libretto/Text Author: Mussorgsky, Modest Petrovich
Conductor: Boder, Michael

A follower of Golitsyn: Ruiz, Josep
Prince Andrei Khovansky: Galouzine, Vladimir
Prince Ivan Khovansky: Ognovenko, Vladimir
Prince Vasily Golitsyn: Brubaker, Robert
Shaklovity: Putilin, Nikolai
Streshnev: Vekua, Mikhail
Varsonofev: Kudinov, Pavel

Set/Stage Designer: Obolensky, Chloe
Costume Designer: Gastine, Claudie
Lighting Designer: Cunningham, Davy
Stage Director: Winge, Stein
Sound Engineer: Rose, Andy
DVD Producer: Whitbourn, James
Television Producer: Alvarez Rilla, Angela
Television Director: Ramirez, Angel Luis

Date of Production: 29-05-2007
Venue: Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona
Playing Time: 03:11:04
Catalogue Number: OA0989D
UPC: 809478009894


Mussorgsky's loveless and brutal drama of the transformation of Russian society, which led to the rule of Peter the Great within the epic history of Russia, is powerfully modernised through Stein Winge's dramatic and uncompromising production. Performing the version completed by Shostakovich, the outstanding Russian-dominated cast and the orchestra and chorus of the Liceu are led by Michael Boder.

Bonus features:

- Interview with Michael Boder.

- Illustrated Synopsis

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