TAN, Dun: Paper Concerto

TAN, Dun: Paper Concerto


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- (Disc 1)
Soloist: Fujii, Rika
Conductor: Tan, Dun

Tan, Dun - Composer
Paper Concerto

Venue: Stockholm Concert Hall
Date of Concert: 08-11-2007
Playing Time: 01:21:00
Catalogue Number: OA1013D
UPC: 809478010135

Paper, normally a utilitarian material, becomes a solo instrument in Tan Dun's ingenious and inventive Paper Concerto, fusing orchestral music and organic sounds to create accessible, even melodious, music that is almost beyond imagination. Intriguing sounds are created by all manner of different papers, so that they appear elemental rather than simplistic, tapping into something basic in the fabric of our lives. In a remarkable and unforgettable concert experience, Tan Dun directs the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and soloist Haruka Fujii in a vivid demonstration of his belief that orchestral music, far from being static and traditional, still has the capacity for experimentation and the power to stimulate in extraordinary ways.

Bonus features:

- Paper: The Song of Nature
- Tan Dun demonstrates Paper Music
- Tan Dun teaches Paper Instruments

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