MACMILLAN, Kenneth: Mayerling (Royal Ballet, 2009)

MACMILLAN, Kenneth: Mayerling (Royal Ballet, 2009)


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- (Disc 1)
Composer: Liszt, Franz
Choreographer: MacMillan, Kenneth

Baroness Helene Vetsera: McGorian, Elizabeth
Baroness Mary Vetsera: Galeazzi, Mara
Bratfisch: McRae, Steven
Countess Marie Larisch: Lamb, Sarah
Crown Prince Rudolf: Watson, Edward
Emperor Franz Josef: Tuckett, William
Empress Elisabeth: Jourdain, Cindy
Princess Stephanie: Loots, Iohna

Television Director: MacGibbon, Ross
Lighting Designer: Read, John B.
Set/Stage Designer: Georgiadis, Nicholas
Costume Designer: Georgiadis, Nicholas

Date of Concert: 16-10-2009
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Playing Time: 04:19:00
Catalogue Number: OA1028D
UPC: 809478010289

Edward Watson dances the role of Crown Prince Rudolf in Kenneth MacMillan's compelling ballet depicting the final years of Rudolf's life. A relentless downward spiral of political intrigue, drugs and murder culminates in a suicide pact between Rudolf and his 17-year-old mistress, Mary Vetsera (Mara Galeazzi), at the royal hunting lodge known as Mayerling.

Bonus features:
- Costumes
- Principals in rehearsal

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