TURNAGE, M.A.: Anna Nicole (Royal Opera House, 2011)

TURNAGE, M.A.: Anna Nicole (Royal Opera House, 2011)


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- (Disc 1)
Anne Nicole
Libretto/Text Author: Thomas, Richard

Cousin Shelley: Lixenberg, Lore
Larry King: Hoare, Peter
Old Man Marshall: Oke, Alan
Older Daniel: Rowntree, Dominic
The Lawyer Stern: Finley, Gerald

Set/Stage Designer: Buether, Miriam
Costume Designer: Gillibrand, Nicky
Lighting Designer: Sherin, Mimi Jordan
Lighting Designer: Wood, D.M.
Choreographer: Collins, Aletta
Stage Director: Jones, Richard
Television Director: Kemp, Francesca

Date of Production: 02-26-2011
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Playing Time: 02:08:06
Catalogue Number: OA1054D
UPC: 809478010548

In a tragic-comic take on the extremes of celebrity culture, composer Mark Anthony Turnage, librettist Richard Thomas and director Richard Jones add Anna Nicole Smith to opera's gallery of bad, sad girls. A pneumatic Playboy model who married an octogenarian billionaire, she achieved grotesque fame before her destitute, drug-riddled death. With its jazz-coloured score and Eva-Maria Westbroek's starry performance, this is, as the New York Times said: "an engrossing outrageous, entertaining and, ultimately deeply moving opera".

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