TERRY JONES COLLECTION (THE) - The Hidden History of Egypt (Documentary)

TERRY JONES COLLECTION (THE) - The Hidden History of Egypt (Documentary)


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- (Disc 1)
The Hidden History of Egypt
Grabsky, Phil - Television Director

Catalogue Number: SEV150-1

Terry Jones History Collection 3 History documentaries from 2002-3: The Surprising History of Sex and Love, The Hidden History of Egypt, and The Hidden History of Rome. Terry Jones has definitely put a unique spin on the historical documentary in the past decade. While Medieval Lives and Barbarians are still the best of his work, these somewhat-hard-to-find documentaries are also quality additions to his canon. They are well worth a look for fans of Jones' historical adventures.

Hidden History of Egypt

Bringing to life the everyday details of the ancients Egyptians bizarre, hilarious or shocking - this wonderfully entertaining and factually revealing film is packed full of surprises. With Jones throwing informed yet sometimes crazed light on the subject, a previously hidden world of the ancient Egyptians is wonderfully brought to life.

Part 1

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