PRESTINI, P.: Oceanic Verses (Wachner)

PRESTINI, P.: Oceanic Verses (Wachner)


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- (Disc 1)
Ensemble: DeCoda

Prestini, Paola - Composer
Oceanic Verses

Venue: Orange Music Sound Studio, New Jersey
Playing Time: 00:52:27
Television Director: Hossaini, Ali
Catalogue Number: VIA002

Oceanic Verses meditates upon fading civilizations and an ancient environment continually transformed by waves of immigration. Donna Di Novelli's libretto leaps from Paola Prestini's own investigations to four archetypes caught in the clash between past and present. A journey through the folkloric landscape is led by an Archaeologist (improviser and vocalist Helga Davis), whose search for musical artifacts leads her to a Sailor (Italian folksinger and accordionist Claudio Prima), who offers a warning; a Peasant (soprano Hila Plitmann), who offers a meal; and a Soldier (baritone Christopher Burchett), who offers a critique. Along with these principal performers, the album features the 16-piece DeCoda orchestra and the eight-member Choir of Trinity Wall Street, conducted by Julian Wachner.

Part 1


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